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China's seawater desalination industry has entered the fast lane of development. Experts attending the Beijing International High Level Forum on seawater desalination said on the 28th that seawater desalination is becoming an important means of obtaining fresh water. The cost of one of the main methods of seawater desalination, "membrane method", is getting lower and lower, which has promoted the rapid development of China's seawater desalination industry

"membrane method" is to remove salt and other components through membranes that only fresh water can pass through. Gaocongyi, a chemical separation expert and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that the membrane is a very fine filter, which allows water molecules to pass through, while other salt molecules with large particle sizes cannot. By filtering the difference between the two words, the water molecules gather together to form fresh water

Gao Congyi said: "China's seawater desalination has generally gone through a process of 60 years. The fastest development in the past 10 years is mainly driven by membrane technology. At present, the cost of seawater desalination has dropped to four to five yuan a ton."

at present, the daily output of seawater desalination in China has reached about 660000 tons, and Zhejiang, Tianjin, Hebei, Liaoning and other places have developed rapidly. Youjinde, Secretary General of China Membrane Industry Association, disclosed that there are 10000 ton membrane treatment facilities in Zhejiang Province. The residents of Liuheng island in Zhoushan now live mainly by desalination and are ready to supply fresh water to other islands

in Tianjin, 6000 tons of desalinated seawater enter the tap water pipe every day. Beijing is also comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the seawater desalination scheme with the South-to-North Water Transfer Scheme. In the future, it is likely to transfer hundreds of thousands of tons of desalinated seawater from Caofeidian, Hebei Province every day, and mix it into the tap water pipe for residents' use

yangshangbao, an official of the environmental protection and Resources Department of the national development and Reform Commission, said: "seawater desalination has formed a momentum driven by floods, and the spring of seawater desalination has come."

in February, 2012, the general office of the State Council issued the opinions on accelerating the development of the seawater desalination industry, calling for accelerating the development of the seawater desalination industry

in August, 2012, the Ministry of science and technology and the national development and Reform Commission jointly issued the special plan for the development of seawater desalination science and technology, which requires that the tooth path must be tightly connected between PVC rigid plastic insulation strips and aluminum alloy profiles through rollers to improve the effectiveness, stability and accuracy of the testing work. It is estimated that by 2015, China's seawater desalination capacity will reach 2.2 ~ 2.6 million tons/day, three to four times higher than the current level. The output value of seawater desalination plant manufacturing will reach 7.5 billion ~ 10billion yuan/year

with the rapid development of seawater desalination industry, some problems are also highlighted. The first is the price of water. At present, the price of urban tap water is subsidized by the government, while seawater desalination is the market price calculated according to the production cost. There is a large price difference between tap water and desalinated water

the second problem is management. The existing urban pipes in China are made of cement and cast iron, and the desalinated seawater is generally acidic. If all the underground water supply pipes are replaced with PVC pipes, who will bear the huge pipe costs? In addition, the utilization rate of seawater desalination is about 50%. Each ton of seawater desalinated will produce one ton of concentrated brine. If the brine is directly discharged into the sea, it may pollute the surrounding sea areas

experts at the meeting called on the government to increase industrial subsidies for seawater desalination, so as to increase investors' confidence. Mark Evan, the operation director of China Bluestar Group Co., Ltd., which is engaged in seawater desalination, said that concentrated brine can be made into raw materials for salt chemical industry, such as soda ash; Or take the road of comprehensive utilization, the prospect is very good

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