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On June 28, the latest Bohai Rim thermal coal price index closed at 577 yuan/ton, with a month on month increase of 3 yuan/ton. The electric poles made of new composite materials came out. This is the third consecutive upward movement, with a cumulative range of 15 yuan/ton, which has broken the upper limit of the "green area" of coal prices. To this end, the national development and Reform Commission once again made frequent moves to stabilize prices. After stipulating that enterprises need to communicate in advance about price increases, it recently issued a document requiring them to do their utmost to ensure coal supply in peak seasons

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in the past few months, the fluctuation of coal price has intensified. At the end of May, the decline of coal price in the port market was significantly expanded, and the market coal price has fallen below the price of the long-term association. However, in June, with the increasing demand for coal from power plants in the peak summer, the enthusiasm of power plants to replenish positions increased. At the same time, due to the ticket restriction policy in Inner Mongolia, environmental protection in Shanxi and some construction of Daqin line, the coal supply shrank, the coal price stopped falling and rebounded, and began to enter the upward channel

as the price vane of the coal market, Shenhua raised the spot price by 10 yuan/ton from June 16. As early as June 13, Shenhua has raised the price of transit port from 558 yuan/ton in early June to 570 yuan/ton. Meanwhile, Shenhua and China Coal suspended the sales of spot thermal coal last week to ensure the implementation of the long-term Association contract, and did not specify when to resume

it is worth noting that the standard sample for pendulum impact testing machine of Jinan testing machine factory is applicable to the standard sample for impact energy inspection and calibration of pendulum impact testing machine. At present, the coal price has exceeded the "green area". At the beginning of this year, the memorandum on curbing abnormal fluctuations in coal market prices issued by the national development and Reform Commission made it clear that, taking 2017 as an example, when the price of thermal coal is in the green area (500 yuan/ton -570 yuan/ton), the role of market regulation will be given full play and no regulation measures will be taken; When the price is in the blue area (570 yuan/ton -600 yuan/ton or 470 yuan/ton -500 yuan/ton), focus on strengthening market monitoring, pay close attention to production and price changes, and take necessary guidance measures in due course; When the price is in the red area (above 600 yuan/ton or below 470 yuan/ton), start the response mechanism to stabilize the abnormal fluctuation of coal price

in this context, on June 25, the national development and Reform Commission held a meeting, saying that the coal industry should create a situation of safe production and stable prices, and resolutely curb the rapid rise of coal prices. In principle, the transaction price of thermal coal shall not exceed the upper limit of green space of 570 yuan/ton. If the upper limit is exceeded, the enterprise must communicate with the national development and Reform Commission days in advance. Otherwise, the national development and Reform Commission will interview relevant enterprises to solve such problems

on June 27, the national development and Reform Commission also issued the notice on ensuring coal, electricity, oil and gas transportation during the summer peak in 2017, which proposed to "implement the requirements for releasing management services, accelerate the release of high-quality coal production capacity", "speed up the approval procedures for construction projects, and actively coordinate and speed up the handling of mining license and other procedures for approved projects", "Large coal enterprises are required to tap potential and increase production, and key coal producing areas are required to take the lead in increasing production and ensuring supply."

"the national development and Reform Commission has made clear the policy guidance for releasing supply, which is expected to reverse the current tight supply market pattern and facilitate the correction of coal prices to a reasonable range." Meng Xiangwen, an analyst at Shenwan Hongyuan, said

Qi Bo, a coal analyst in Qinhuangdao, also said that the policy orientation of "ensuring supply and stabilizing prices" has played a stabilizing role in the market mentality and transaction prices. Moreover, near the end of the month, the long-term association price of large coal enterprises may be maintained at about 557 yuan/ton, and the advantages of long-term association coal will be further highlighted. The main procurement demand will further shift to the realization of long-term association, and the restrictions on market procurement will increase. In addition, downstream supply and demand are still relatively loose. As of June 27, the six coastal power groups had stored about 12.8 million tons of coal, which could be stored for more than three weeks. In the same period, the three ports around the Bohai Sea (Qin, Tang and Cang) stored a total of 16.82 million tons of coal. The abundant coal storage at the unloading port and in transit procurement also made consumers less active in procurement

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