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In the written examination paper and answers of the national computer grade examination in April, 2003, only one of the following four options (a), B, C and D) is correct. Please write the correct option on the corresponding position of the answer sheet, and answer it on the test paper without scoring

(1) the software system of a computer can be divided into

a) programs and data B) operating system and language processing system

c) programs, data and documents d) system software and application software

(2) the binary number equivalent to the decimal number 100 is

a) b) C) d)

(3) the correct description about memory is that

a) the CPU can directly access the data stored in the memory, It can also directly access the data stored in external memory

b) the CPU can not directly access the data stored in memory, and can directly access the data stored in external memory

c) the CPU can only directly access the data stored in memory, but can not directly access the data stored in external memory

d) the CPU can neither directly access the data stored in memory, Nor can you directly access the data stored in external memory

(4) in microcomputers, the most commonly used character encoding is

a) ASCII code B) BCD code c) Chinese character encoding d) complement code

(5) computer viruses can paralyze the whole computer and do great harm. Computer virus is

a) a command b) a special program

c) a biological virus D) a chip

(6) all information in the computer is stored in

a) binary b) octal C) decimal d) hexadecimal

(7) Windows 98, The key combinations that can open the start menu are

a) alt+esc b) ctrl+esc

c) tab+esc d) shift+esc

(8) in the default state of Windows 98, the meaning of the mouse pointer is

a) busy b) link selection

c) background operation d) unavailable

(9) in Windows 98, right-click the start button, In the pop-up shortcut menu, there are

a) "new" command b) "find" command

c) "close" command d) "3. Zigzag fixture replacement" command

(10) in Windows 98, the disk management tools included in the "tools" tab of the disk drive "properties" dialog box are

a) repair b) defragmentation

c) copy d) format

(11) in Windows 98, press the PrintScreen key, The entire desktop content will be printed on the printing paper B) printed on the specified file d) copied to the specified file d) copied to the clipboard

(12) in Windows 98, the mouse's

a) Click speed b) double click speed

c) movement speed d) pointer track

(13) in the Windows 98 display properties dialog box, The label used to adjust the display resolution function is

a) background B) appearance C) effect d) setting

(14) the function of word 97 is

a) table processing b) drawing graphics c) automatic correction d) the above three items are

(15) the following options are not part of the word 97 window are

a) title bar b) dialog box c) menu bar d) status bar

(16) in the word 97 state, To draw a text box, the drop-down menu that should be used is

a) insert b) form C) d) tool

(17) the drop-down menu where the replacement function of word 97 is located is

a) view b) C) insert d) format

(18) in the state of word 97, to open (close) the Drawing toolbar in the current window, Then you can choose to use it because of its high cost and slow progress in commercial utilization.

a) click Tools → drawing

b) click View → drawing

c) Click toolbar → drawing

d) click View → toolbar → drawing

(19) in word 97, if you want to set the font effect (such as above and subscript, etc, First, open the

a) drop-down menu b) view drop-down menu

c) format drop-down menu d) tools drop-down menu

the program can be preset (20) in the default state of word 97, move the mouse pointer to the document selection area at the left end of a line, the mouse pointer changes to, and then click the left mouse button, Then

a) the row is selected b) the next row of the row is selected

c) the paragraph where the row is located is selected d) the full text is selected

(21) the operations that cannot be realized in word 97 are

a) insert clip art in the header

b) create a header with different odd and even page contents

c) insert separator in the header

d) insert date in the header

(22) picture and text mixed arrangement is one of the features of word 97, The error in the following description is that

a) you can insert clip art in the document b) you can insert graphics in the document

c) you can use text boxes in the document D) you can use color schemes in the document

(23) in Excel 97, the maximum number of rows a worksheet can contain is

a) 255 b) 256 C) 65536 d) any number of

(24) in Excel 97 worksheets, The correct input form of date type data "december21,2001" is

a) b) 21.12 2001

c) 21,122001 d) 21:12: 2001

(25) in the excel 97 worksheet, the number of cells in the cell range d2:e4 is

a) 5 b) 6 C) 7 d) 8

(26) in the excel 97 worksheet, select a cell and click Delete under the menu, The impossible operations are

a) delete the row b) move the cell on the right to the left

c) delete the column d) move the cell on the left to the right

(27) enter in a cell of the excel 97 worksheet who will pay for these environmentally friendly materials? " Enter the numeric string "456". The correct input method is

a) 456 b)'456

c) =456 d) "456"

(28) in the PowerPoint 97 presentation, change a slide whose layout is "item list" to "object" slide. The dialog box that should be used is

a) slide layout B) slide color scheme

c) background d) application design template

(29) computer network according to its coverage, Can be divided into

a) Taihe mobile communication

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