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The national development and Reform Commission suggests that titanium dioxide enterprises promote technological transformation

titanium dioxide (TiO2), commonly known as titanium dioxide, has high refractive index, strong chemical stability, excellent whiteness, achromatic power and hiding power, and is non-toxic and tasteless. It is widely used in coating, plastics, papermaking, ink and other industries. Titanium dioxide products are divided into rutile type and anatase type; There are two production processes: sulfuric acid process and chlorination process. Chlorination process has the advantages of short process, high automation, less three wastes, low energy consumption and good product quality. It comprehensively promotes the plastic processing industry to move towards the middle and high end of the industry. It is the mainstream process in developed countries

China's titanium dioxide industry began in 1956. In the 1990s, three enterprises including Jinan Yuxing introduced sulfuric acid production units and began to enter a period of rapid development. By 2010, China's titanium dioxide production capacity has reached 2.3 million tons, including 30000 tons of chlorination capacity, accounting for 1.5% of China's total; The annual production of titanium dioxide was 1.474 million tons, ranking first in the world, including 843000 tons of rutile and 558000 tons of anatase; 269000 tons of imports, 266000 tons of exports, 1477000 tons of apparent consumption, and about 50% of overcapacity

in 2010, the world titanium dioxide production capacity was about 7million tons, of which the chlorination process accounted for 40% and the sulfuric acid process accounted for 60% (of which the chlorination process in developed countries accounted for 57%); The output is about 5.6 million tons, and the production and sales are basically balanced. China's output and consumption account for about 1/4 of the world. It is estimated that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, global consumption will increase by about 5% annually, while China's consumption will increase by about 10%; It is estimated that in 2015, the global consumption will reach million tons, and China's consumption will reach million tons

in recent years, due to the high profit margin of the titanium dioxide industry and the high investment enthusiasm of enterprises, they have invested in the construction of titanium dioxide devices, resulting in the rapid increase of domestic titanium dioxide production capacity. In 2010 alone, 14 titanium dioxide projects were completed and put into operation in China, with a new capacity of about 800000 tons and a capacity increase of more than 50%. According to incomplete statistics, there are still 10 projects under construction or to be built, with a total capacity of 1. The manufacturer has prospered the market and provided customers with more economical and practical experimental machines of 100000 tons. If all these projects are implemented as planned, the domestic titanium dioxide production capacity will reach 3.4 million tons in 2015, and the excess capacity contradiction will further increase. At the same time, most of the newly-built units adopt the sulfuric acid process, which has high energy consumption and pollution. The products are mainly medium and low-end, with low added value, so the anti risk ability is not strong. Due to the serious low-level repeated construction, on the one hand, China's medium and low-end titanium dioxide production capacity has been surplus, and the operating rate of enterprises is less than 70%; On the other hand, the production capacity of high-end products is seriously insufficient, which requires a large number of imports every year. The high-end market is basically monopolized by imported products

at present, we should fully recognize the harmfulness of overcapacity, redundant construction and blind development, and further deal with the relationship between maintaining growth and adjusting the structure. In this way, we can ensure the good level of operation of the experimental machine, truly integrate our thoughts and actions into the decisions and arrangements of the party Central Committee and the State Council, effectively change the mode of economic growth, strengthen technological research and development, speed up the process of structural adjustment, and resolutely curb redundant construction, Blind development momentum

relevant departments should strengthen industrial operation monitoring, timely release industrial policy guidance, market supply and demand, capacity utilization, industrial development trends and other information, and actively guide the investment of social funds. Trade associations should play a bridge role, guide enterprises to strengthen self-discipline, implement national policies and regulations, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry. Development, reform and industrial authorities at all levels should resolutely implement the industrial adjustment and revitalization plan and the spirit of the No. 38 document issued by the State Council, strengthen planning guidance, comprehensively apply standards such as energy conservation and environmental protection, raise the entry threshold, promote technological transformation, and eliminate backward production capacity

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