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National demonstration! Guizhou realizes full mechanization of main crop production here colorful Guizhou news (Ben shaomengyang) on January 4, it was learned from the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas that in order to implement the requirements of the 13th five year plan for national economic and social development and the national agricultural modernization plan (2016-2020) on "improving the level of agricultural mechanization and creating 500 full mechanization demonstration counties", etc, In 2018, our department organized and carried out the third batch of evaluation activities on the establishment of demonstration counties for full mechanization with the increase of formula number during the "13th five year plan". On the basis of local application for selecting the best and provincial preliminary evaluation and recommendation, 152 counties (cities and districts) including Xinji City in Hebei Province were identified as the third important means to survive in the country through on-site spot inspection, expert re evaluation and public announcement. The demonstration counties (cities and districts) took the lead in basically realizing the whole process mechanization of major crop production. Meitan County of Guizhou Province is among them

the relevant person in charge of the Liaison Office of the central government in Hong Kong accepted an interview with Xinhua news agency. The Ministry of agriculture and rural areas requested that the competent departments of agricultural mechanization at all levels conscientiously implement the national strategic plan for Rural Revitalization (2018-2022) and the guiding opinions of the State Council on accelerating the transformation and upgrading of agricultural mechanization and agricultural machinery equipment industry (GF [2018] No. 42), and thoroughly implement the whole process mechanization of major crop production, We will continue to increase policy support for demonstration counties, timely summarize the experience of publicity and creation, strengthen the typical driving, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of agricultural mechanization. All demonstration counties (cities and districts) should make persistent efforts, continuously and effectively play a leading role, actively expand to comprehensive mechanization, and make new and greater contributions to implementing the Rural Revitalization Strategy and accelerating agricultural and rural modernization in the development process of bending testing machine

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