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From April 23 to 25, 2004, the Ministry of information industry will host the "national electronic information product packaging seminar and procurement fair" in Shanghai International Packaging & Printing City, aiming to provide an excellent communication platform for electronic information and related enterprises

the organizer of this conference is the packaging office of the Ministry of information industry; The organizers are the electronic industry packaging Committee of China Packaging Technology Association, Shanghai Packaging Technology Association and Shanghai International Packaging & Printing City. This is also one of the activities of "2004 China Shanghai first international packaging and printing week" jointly organized by Shanghai Packaging Technology Association and Shanghai International Packaging and printing city. At the same time, the opening ceremony of Shanghai International Packaging and printing city will be held; The first Shanghai packaging, printing machinery and Materials Exhibition (SIPPC pack) installation mode and on-site environment do not meet the technical requirements. At that time, representatives of domestic and foreign procurement trade groups, user units, R & D institutions, distributors, wholesalers, supporting product manufacturers, importers and exporters and other professional counterparts will be invited to attend the meeting for visit, exchange and negotiation. The conference also provided manufacturers with a small number of product display seats, which were displayed on the stage during the international packaging and printing week

why did the Ministry of information industry host this conference? In recent years, the electronic information industry has become an important pillar industry with the fastest development speed, the largest product scale, the most foreign trade exports and the highest benefits among China's industrial sectors. The packaging materials such as packing cases, cushion liners and pallets required by its products have increased significantly, which has brought new development opportunities to the packaging industry. In order to improve the brand and image of electronic information product packaging, reduce packaging costs, reduce "white pollution" and avoid "green trade" barriers, it is particularly important for domestic enterprises to exchange new electronic information products and technologies. By promoting the popularity of scientific and advanced packaging, we will further expand packaging technologies and means to improve the packaging of electronic information products in China, In order to meet the higher requirements for packaging in the process of continuous updating of electronic information products, it is not only the need for the development of electronic information industry, but also the need for the survival and development of the packaging industry itself. The significance of holding a national exchange and procurement conference is undoubtedly far-reaching

the meeting was held in the form of special lectures, exchanges and direct negotiations between the supplier and the demander. The special speech will be delivered by leaders of relevant competent departments, industry experts and representatives, and representatives of electronic product manufacturers and packaging manufacturers. The meeting will also organize visit and investigation activities

the topics discussed at the conference mainly include: the current situation and development trend of product packaging in the electronic information industry; The application of environmental protection packaging materials in the packaging of electronic information industry products; Experience introduction of household appliance packaging; Promotion and exchange of products of packaging manufacturers; Shanghai packaging industry and development, etc

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