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The expert group of the national development and Reform Commission investigated the renewable textile industry in Cangnan, Wenzhou. In order to deeply understand the current situation of the domestic renewable textile industry and promote the preparation of the industry's 12th Five Year Plan, recently, The national development and Reform Commission organized experts from the China Association for comprehensive utilization of resources and the Quartermaster Equipment Research Institute of the General Logistics Department of the people's Liberation Army to Cangnan County, Wenzhou to conduct a special investigation on the launch of Ingeo biopolymer property by nature works, a renewable textile product, at the Chinaplas Exhibition in 2016

recycled textile industry is one of the key traditional industries in Cangnan County. At present, Cangnan County has formed a relatively complete industrial chain for the production of clothing leftovers, waste fabric corner materials, flowering, rotor spinning, mops and pet accessories. Cangnan County has more than 200000 employees in the renewable textile industry, with an annual industrial output value of more than 15 billion yuan; Throughout the year, the throughput of waste scrap reached more than 3 million tons, accounting for more than 80% of the country, forming a renewable textile industry cluster centered on Yishan and Qianku. The rapid development of the renewable textile industry has brought benefits to the local people, but the negative effects caused by the disorderly development of the industry "low, small and scattered" have also gradually emerged. The problems of low industrial level, noise and dust pollution, hidden dangers of fire and production safety, illegal factory construction by enterprises, obsolete and crude machinery and equipment are becoming more and more serious. Cangnan County's recycled textile industry has reached a critical moment in urgent need of standardization and upgrading

the research group inspected and understood in detail the production and operation of renewable textile enterprises in Wangli Office of Yishan town and Qianku Town, and had a discussion with county government leaders, county development and Reform Bureau, economic and Trade Bureau, relevant township leaders and enterprise representatives. Experts believe that Cangnan has made positive achievements in turning waste cloth corner materials into treasure and developing circular economy. At the same time, he pointed out that in the next step, Cangnan renewable textile industry needs to focus on management, technology, safety and other aspects. He added that pneumatic fixtures should strive to build a modern industrial cluster integrating logistics area, scientific research area, trade area and so on, so as to promote the renewable textile industry from 2 Check whether the emergency stop switch is screwed up; The traditional economic model will be transformed into a circular economy model and will be included in the pilot base supported by the state

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