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As we all know, Germany is good at manufacturing, not only because of its strong technical foundation, but also because of its deep cultural foundation. Now, industry has become the primary pillar of Germany's highly developed economy. The whole Germany feels like a huge industrial enterprise, with complete and focused industries. Automobile industry, machine and equipment manufacturing, chemical industry and electrical industry are the most important industrial sectors in Germany. German machinery and equipment, ranging from large machinery and equipment, CNC machine tools, precision machinery, to piano, bearings, dust cleaners, razors, enjoy a high reputation in the international market for their high quality and high performance

e.g.o., as a multinational company with a history of 75 years, originated in Germany, its products involve heating and washing. It has production and sales branches in more than 20 countries and regions around the world. After years of unremitting innovation and system expansion in Germany and abroad, now it has become not only an international high-tech company, but also one of the world's leading home appliance manufacturers with leading technologies, components and products

in order to bring more high-quality, humanized and intelligent products to Chinese consumers, Yu Feng, chairman of Cohen group, as the representative of the industry leader, personally went to Germany, got close contact with the manufacturing process in Germany, learned about the growth history of its industry, and communicated with the senior leaders of e.g.o. enterprises to discuss the development trend of home appliances at home and abroad, the consumer demand of consumers in various countries, product innovation and process flow, Quality control and other issues

after years of steady development, Zhejiang Cohen Electric has established the image of "Cohen speed, industry dark horse" in the industry since it created the first concept cigarette machine in 2009. So far, there are nearly 2100 stores of Zhejiang Cohen electric in China, and more than 30million families across the country are enjoying the easy cooking life brought by Zhejiang Cohen electric, and relying on excellent and leading technology, Perfect and reliable quality, popular brand image and eight series of high-quality products, such as range hood, gas stove, disinfection cupboard, integrated environmental protection stove, water purifier, water heater, electric oven, steam stove, which are independently developed, manufactured and sold, have achieved the perfect transformation from scratch, from small to large, from obscurity to Xiaoyu inside and outside the industry, and won a number of honorary titles, such as national high-tech enterprise, golden hook award, top ten kitchen appliance brands, The brand with the most agency value, AAA enterprise of China's building materials trading credit rating... And many kinds of patent certificates, all show the strong enterprise strength and immeasurable development potential




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