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With the active trading of second-hand houses in Shanghai, the transformation of old houses and old houses has become the "top priority" of many owners. Some people believe that there are many differences between secondary decoration and new house decoration. How can we make secondary decoration easy and achieve the best effect

with the active trading of second-hand houses in Shanghai, old houses and transformation of old houses have become the “ Top priority ”. Some people believe that there are many differences between secondary decoration and new house decoration. How can we make secondary decoration easy and achieve the best effect

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pay attention to waterproof in hydropower transformation

from the material point of view, the waterway process of the houses decorated in the early years mostly used galvanized pipes, aluminum plastic pipes and other materials. Now, with the upgrading of materials, these pipes have begun to be gradually discarded. Most decoration companies use plastic steel pipes. In the second decoration, you can just take this opportunity “ Rifle change ”. Many old houses still have the phenomenon of aging wires and illegal wiring, which also need to be replaced and reconstructed. In the decoration, each main line must wear a set of PVC insulated pipes when embedding wires in the wall

the other is construction. Some owners greatly change the laying of various lines in the bathroom or kitchen during the secondary decoration, and even modify the wall. In fact, it is easy to damage the original waterproof design of the building, so we must be careful during construction. If the original ground is damaged, we must redo waterproofing

don't ignore the details of door and window renovation

aging of doors and windows is the most common problem in the decoration of second-hand houses. According to the degree of aging, it can be divided into: first, peeling and deformation of wooden doors and windows, which indicates that the characteristics of wood itself have changed and must be removed and redone; However, if the material is compact and the surface paint film is intact, the decorative panel can be pasted during the secondary construction and used. Second, the paint film on the surface of steel doors and windows falls off, and the main body is rusted or cracked. In order not to affect the use effect, it is best to remove it and redo it

wall reconstruction is the focus of decoration

for houses with secondary decoration, wall reconstruction is the most effective method. If the original wall has been very reasonable, then in the secondary decoration, you can change the mood of the house through the replacement of wall paint, wallpaper and wallpaper, so the decoration expenditure is much less

in the reconstruction of old houses, most of the houses built before 1996 are brick concrete structures, and it is recommended to move less wall structures in general. If the structure of the wall is really unsatisfactory, and some walls need to be removed to re integrate the space, at this time, we must pay attention not to remove the load-bearing wall, change the stress structure of the house, or make holes or open doors in the load-bearing wall at will, which will bring extremely serious potential safety hazards. Before decoration, the owner had better consult and apply to the property management department first

second decoration upgrades furniture

in the second decoration, furniture is a very important piece. Change different colorful colors for Aijia to make the furniture “ Upgrade ” It is also an effective method

for furniture with large volume, such as wardrobe, because the design orientation of room space is not easy to change too much in color, it is suggested to choose a color suitable for home design from the original color system. If it is a partial replacement of furniture, such as leisure chairs, single sofa and so on, you can choose bright colors to add fresh elements to the home




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