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315 approaching, many citizens reflect the disputes caused by decoration. Customers are either dumbfounded or deadlocked with the decoration company, and finally did not complete the decoration successfully. Recently, this reporter conducted an investigation. ◆ when the temporary price rise failed, the workers simply put aside their work. On February 21, Ms. Liu, who lives in Honggang, called and angrily reported that some decoration workers had no professional ethics. Ms. Liu said that in November last year, she found an informal decoration team through a friend's introduction. Unexpectedly, people left before the work was finished. But Ms. Liu has given up the money, which makes her very upset. Ms. Liu said that because it was the decoration team introduced by a friend, she was more at ease at the beginning and negotiated the overall price with the decoration team. The total price agreed at that time was 25000 yuan. Although the price was set at the beginning, the cost of the decoration soon added to Ms. Liu's heart. For example, the actual cost of smashing the wall is 800 yuan, but it was agreed before that it was 2000 yuan, so she had to pay according to the original agreement. What made her even more upset was that the workers increased the price of some projects that had previously been priced. On the one hand, the workers asked for a price increase, and on the other hand, the decoration has not been completed. Ms. Liu did not agree with the price increase request of the decoration team. As a result, the workers quit and left. Only 2/3 of the decoration was completed in the end. In addition, Ms. Liu didn't get an invoice for the cost of the workers' buying materials, so she had to pay the price quoted by the workers. The unpleasant decoration experience taught Ms. Liu a lesson. ◆ it's no coincidence that the after-sales service was cancelled because she didn't agree to pay the handling fee. Ms. Zhang also had a dispute with the decoration company because of the cost. At the end of December last year, Ms. Zhang's house was decorated, but she still had more than 700 yuan of the final payment not paid to the decoration company. Ms. Zhang believes that according to the terms previously signed, she should not pay the 700 yuan. But the decoration company said that if the money was not paid off, the two-year after-sales service that her home decoration should have had would be canceled. This 700 yuan is the garbage removal fee and sand cement transportation fee stipulated in the contract signed by Ms. Zhang and the decoration company. In fact, Ms. Zhang bought four bags of cement from her friend, who helped to transport it upstairs without using the manpower of the decoration company. The garbage removal and transportation was completed by the community property, for which Ms. Zhang paid the corresponding fees. Therefore, Ms. Zhang believes that the decoration company should deduct these two expenses from her, but the decoration company disagrees. Before the decoration, Ms. Zhang signed a formal contract with the decoration company, including labor transportation costs. In addition, the decoration company also signed a handwritten additional agreement with Ms. Zhang, which agreed that she should calculate according to the actual amount of human and material resources. Ms. Zhang said: since it is stipulated to calculate according to the actual amount, the decoration company is not responsible for the cement and cement transportation fees I bought, so I shouldn't give them money. In this way, the two sides have been deadlocked. Ms. Zhang is unwilling to pay more for the expenses that have not occurred. The decoration company plans not to provide after-sales service for Ms. Zhang. ◆ rights protection should not be too careless, and the contract is the key. For these two things, the reporter consulted lawyer Jiang of the law firm. Lawyer Jiang analyzed that similar situations must be clearly agreed in the contract. If there is no clear agreement in the contract, there is no way to protect the rights and interests of consumers. Even if there is a handwritten agreement, it depends on whether the other party signs it or not. If the other party does not sign or approve, the agreement can only be regarded as a unilateral personal act. If consumers want to protect their rights, it's troublesome. If it is a handwritten agreement and the other party signs it, it can be regarded as a supplement to the original contract, and the other party can be required to perform the contents of the agreement. Lawyer Jiang said that the decoration company did not provide after-sales services because customers owed money, which could not be established. If the customer owes money to the decoration company, the decoration company can ask for settlement through other ways. After sales service is a reasonable guarantee for consumers. According to the consumer protection law, it is not the same thing as arrears. According to the common people, one yard is one yard, and the two things cannot be tied together





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