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With the personalized needs of door and window shopping malls, the trend of anti standardization of home building materials such as doors and windows is becoming more and more significant. It can be seen that the development of the door and window profession has entered the era of minority consumption. Under this situation, it is necessary for the door and window profession to pay more attention to self-reliance and innovation in order to obtain higher added value of goods

the development of the door and window profession at that time also began to become sophisticated, but due to the constraints of raw materials, the rising prices of raw materials made the professional profits decline severely. With the more and more transparent development of the profession, the price increase based on the rise of raw materials is difficult to adapt to the wishes of consumers. It can be said that the door and window profession has entered the era of meager profits. It has become an indisputable reality that the profits of doors and windows have declined. So for door and window enterprises, how should we defend our profits during the period of declining profits

innovative ability to open up a new situation

how to promote scientific and technological innovation, enhance the company's ability to be independent and innovative, enhance the company's central competitiveness, and promote the transformation of door and window occupations from labor-intensive occupations to intelligence intensive occupations; How to further transform the mechanism, break the bottleneck, create advantages, and promote the company to continue to carry out healthy development is the only way for China's door and window enterprises. In terms of commodities and civilization, with the rise of raw materials and the transparency of commodities, innovation is undoubtedly a powerful tool to open up new fields of careers

improve the skill content of commodities

one of the defects caused by low skills is the homogenization of commodities. Because the skill content is too low, new commodities are simply imitated after entering the market, and some producers even improve in the process of imitation and launch "refurbished commodities" that are more attractive than the original new commodities. Therefore, in the new round of information revolution, door and window enterprises must constantly improve the skill content of door and window goods, expand the company's service scope and improve the company's service quality through technological innovation, so as to promote the continuous development and progress of the door and window profession. A door and window enterprise also needs to strictly control the quality and explore the differentiated development strategy step by step in order to refine and strengthen the brand




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