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Imported sonic chair music chair, as a creative imported furniture, has innovated and developed a series of music chairs, so that everyone who loves music can be immersive and enjoy the beauty of music

sonic chair music chair is described as a surround sound speaker for people to sit down. Users can plug their iPods, laptops or any other audio source into it, and then enjoy their own music world

sonic chair music chair uses an exclusively developed structural sound medium as the backrest, which will produce an extremely low inaudible frequency, giving you a feeling of listening to music. The open structure provides a non resonant balance space for sound. Active and passive noise reduction materials create an ideal sound island

therefore, no matter where the user is, sonic chair music chair can place the user in the sound center. Whether in the lobby of the hotel, in the lounge of the airport, or in your favorite bookstore or music store, sonic chair can provide you with a high-tech auditory feast, create a special atmosphere, and ensure that you can enjoy a comfortable chair and the best sound experience

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