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Accelerate the transformation of "industry 4.0" -- Matou Power tools will bring "connect intelligent tightening hub" to the Industrial Expo

China industrial control and industrial control information will accelerate the transformation of "industry 4.0" -- Matou Power tools will bring "connect intelligent tightening hub" to the Industrial Expo

on September, 2018, the 20th China International Industrial Expo will be held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). As one of the most eye-catching professional exhibitions under the ICIF, IAS industrial automation exhibition made a magnificent appearance in halls 5.1h, 6.1h and 6.2h with a large display scale of 70000 m2 and printout test reports

ias industrial automation exhibition conforms to the strategic planning for the development of China's manufacturing industry and vigorously promotes the concept of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent factory. As a participant and booster of smart factory, Matou Power tools will attend the Industrial Expo with a super large booth at booth 5.1h-e025

at the beginning of last month, the new product of connect intelligent tightening hub of Matou Power tool was launched in the world. In this exhibition, the new connect intelligent tightening hub innovative solution in Desoutter 4.0 project will be unveiled

this will eventually become a kind of qualitative judgment

connect intelligent tightening hub new product debut will appear in Shanghai international industrial assembly and transmission technology exhibition (ahte2018)

according to the company's staff, the core hub device connect integrates wireless routing, switching machine, virtual cable and other functions to achieve the control, monitoring and analysis of tightening quality. Pingmei Guoneng 10gwh high specific energy lithium ion battery project is an advanced lithium ion battery and system integration production project jointly implemented by Xinxiang Municipal government, Pingmei Shenma Group, Xinxiang battery research institute and Guoneng battery. As an intelligent hub to connect everything, it has the control function of connecting, managing and coordinating other intelligent devices. It is the key node, control center and data processing center of the entire intelligent production network

its 24V power supply and 4.2L compact, anywhere safe features move production to the end of the production line, the server room, and even the desk, freeing the tedious traditional production line

up to 20 tools' error proofing accessories and data integrity traceability management can control and manage the highly interconnected solution of the assembly line in any case

in addition, Matou Power tool will also demonstrate the visual spatial positioning system based on the requirements of industry 4.0 for process control

according to the introduction, the system systematically studied the effects of molecular weight of polylactic acid polyol, chain extender and types of isocyanates on performance (RSC advances, 2016, 6, 17888 (1) 7895; Chinese Journal of polymer science, 2016, 34 (7), 901 (9) 09; Journal of bioengineering, 2016, 32 (6), 831 (38) as for other similar products, visual spatial positioning can meet the sequential assembly requirements of multi planes and multi dimensions, and ensure that each screw is tightened according to the required tightening sequence, otherwise the tool will be locked and unable to carry out the next operation. Otherwise, the tool will be locked and cannot be operated in the next step. Through this control mode, the force between parts will become more uniform and reliable

the solution is widely used in automobile and parts manufacturing, aviation industry, general industry, digital chemical plant, automatic production line, intelligent manufacturing industry and other industries

this is the second time that Matou Power tools has participated in the industrial automation exhibition at the Industrial Expo. Matou Power Tools hopes to learn about the development trends of the market and the needs of end customers through the exhibition. At the same time, it also fully demonstrates its product application and technical advantages, making it a powerful weapon to help manufacturing enterprises accelerate transformation and upgrading in the industrial 4.0 environment

booth No. of Matou Power Tools: 5.1h-e025

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