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Opening of this week: the market price of acetone is watching the rising atmosphere

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earlier this week, The rising atmosphere in the domestic acetone market is gradually followed by whether there are frequent failures. The transaction price has entered the rising channel. The supply structure of the port market remains relatively concentrated. Importers raise prices and are cautiously optimistic about the rising trend after the introduction of the preliminary anti-dumping determination in November. In the early stage, most second-hand merchants did not stock up and build warehouses. Due to the rapid increase in this round, the circulation volume of intermediate links is still controlled in a small range at present; In addition, due to the overall tight funds of downstream factories, the downward penetration rate of inventory is slow, which helps importers control the rise of market prices to a certain extent. However, many port inventories and the lack of downstream funds are also factors to be considered in the process of rising

most of the downstream companies maintained a rational wait-and-see attitude towards the rising behavior of traders before the release of the preliminary anti-dumping determination; After a moderate amount of purchase in the early stage, the idea of continuing to follow up and replenish is not obvious for the time being. It is expected that under the continuous attention to the anti-dumping news, the recent market price trend is still dominated by medium and small volume transactions

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