The most popular academician Niu Hanben of Shenzhe

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Academician Niu Hanben of Shenzhen University has received a special subsidy of 9million for major scientific research instruments.

recently, I learned from Shenzhen University that academician Niu Hanben presided over the subject "Research on large field X-ray phase contrast imaging devices and cone beam CT system", In 2012, it was granted a special subsidy of 9million yuan by the National Science Foundation for major scientific research instruments since the acquisition of compounding brought Altair expertise in composite materials and the industry proven composite software esacomp. This is the first team in Guangdong Province to receive this major project since the National Natural Science Foundation established the "major scientific research instruments and equipment project" in 2011, It is also the first time that Shenzhen University has won this high-level project

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