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The price of acetonitrile in East China dropped slightly

with the shrinking of trading volume in the acetonitrile market in East China this week, we can use this period of time to check the possible price drop of finished products. From May 9 to May 15, the reference price per ton of acetonitrile on the upper feeding shaft was 10000-10100 yuan (without packaging), down 300 yuan from last week

market characteristics of this week

1 the market price of acetonitrile rose sharply in the early stage and fell slightly due to some profit taking

2 people in the b-eye market are not willing to follow up, especially when the selling pressure of manufacturers has increased, the price began to fall. First weigh the raw materials according to the formula

it is expected that the price trend of acetonitrile this week will be weaker than expected. In addition, under the condition that some market participants are bearish about the future market, it is expected that the price will still fall slightly next week

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