Soft and hard decoration 4W5 renovation of old hou

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The owner said: since last November, the decoration has been started. From knowing nothing about the decoration to designing by myself, I have purchased all the materials. My family is a husband's house of more than 20 years. The two rooms face south, which is very common in Shanghai. I write down some ideas about the decoration and share them with you. All of them are designed by myself

house area 50 square meters

simple and fashionable decoration style

house type two rooms facing south

hard decoration cost 319100, including cabinet

soft decoration cost 151.73 million package bath cabinets 7 sets

1. Storage space for small houses. My home is only 50 square meters, and the storage space is extremely limited. I try my best to use the space to make more beautiful and practical cabinets. Even the bed is made of air support, and the storage space is made under the bed. The audio-visual combination wall is also a comprehensive function combination cabinet integrating storage, decoration and audio-visual

2. The new trend of multimedia. Connect the computer to the TV. If I want, I can sit on the sofa, sleep in bed, equipped with a wireless mouse and keyboard, and use the LCD TV as a computer screen. Now many new TVs support HDTV (high-definition TV). At present, domestic TV stations have no such technology or equipment to play, because a 60 minute HDTV movie is about 10g, which is equivalent to the capacity of a low-end notebook hard disk, Downloading HDTV movies from the Internet and watching them on HDTV enabled TVs is simply. I can only describe it as a visual feast. I have downloaded a set of BBC planet Earth, a reserved program that has been coming to my house as a friend




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