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The open pattern integrates the four functional areas of the porch, living room, dining room and kitchen. The wide vision makes the whole space very spacious. The small family home has no sense of tension and depression. On the contrary, the modern simple style design makes this small home show fashionable charm. Enjoy the following group of 70 square meters, two rooms and one living room decoration design renderings with Xiaobian

the situation of the four functional areas of the living room, dining room, kitchen and even balcony in the effect drawing is clear at a glance. The open decoration design makes these functional areas form an integration, which broadens the vision. The space of the whole small family home is very spacious and transparent, without the slightest sense of crowding and tension. On the contrary, modern simple style design techniques and exquisite home decoration show the charm of fashion, Create a casual, elegant and beautiful home environment

in the space design of the bathroom, the proportion may be too strict, but as long as you carefully create some visual beauty, the bathroom will become unique and beautiful! It will definitely give you a beautiful closed space, thinking or just in a daze. Environmental protection is always the theme of fashion. The small bathroom uses solid wood wall design, which can make the whole space look diverse! Green and white small bathroom concept, the most natural small fresh style. Pure white, occasionally dotted with a few strokes of Keren green, how beautiful the mood should be

stand on the sofa and watch the TV background wall and porch. The bare brick texture of the white TV background wall in the decoration effect drawing is clearly visible, which is fresh and natural, showing the beauty of the original ecology, adding other decorative elements to this fashionable small family home. The white closed storage cabinet embedded in the wall at the porch is simple, exquisite and classy. The hollowed out design in the middle makes the floor cabinet and the wall cabinet form a symmetry, and its powerful storage function ensures the cleanness and freshness of the space, leaving a good impression

the white British style sliding door wardrobe is embedded in the background wall of the bedroom, which looks flat and beautiful; The exquisite wallpaper on the background wall at the head of the bed is low-key and retro, making this small family bedroom more elegant. The wall is filled with purple decorative paintings to avoid the monotony of vision; The double bed with purple head and back and purple decorative painting reflect each other, forming a harmonious natural impression; The chandeliers hanging from the ceiling on both sides of the head of the bed are small and exquisite, and are well decorated. The pot of green plants on the bedside table is full of vitality and vigor, which has become a highlight of this decoration design effect drawing





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